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Yahoo Mail was launched in the year 1997, and the parent company Yahoo aimed for providing this email service for four different email plans. Three are meant for personal use, which includes Basic, Plus, and Ad-free, and the other one is for business use. The email can be accessed in multilingual prospects and if one needs to login to the mail or visit its official website, then they can by searching the URL It has made many mergers in the past years. This email service has a lot to offer, and one can always get in touch with the technical executives at Yahoo support number to gain immense knowledge.

How to Setup/Create a Yahoo Email Account?

Creating a new account in Yahoo email is quite simple. You will need a stable and fast working internet connection for a smooth process.

  • First of all, open your default web browser and then search the URL
  • Click on the link and then you will land to the ‘Sign In’ Page.
  • Click on the Blue bar which says ‘Create Account.’
  • To set up a new account, you need to fill the given information.
    1. First and last name
    2. Username (This needs to be unique and should not match with anyone else)
    3. Password
    4. Phone number with country code
    5. Dare of birth
    6. Optional recovery phone number (This is not mandatory)
  • Put a checkmark on ‘I agree to terms and conditions’
  • Then click Create Account
  • You will see a display message saying “Congratulations, your account has been successfully created)

Benefits and use of Yahoo email account:

Yahoo emails have immense benefits for the people who have created an account. It offers the spam policy and doesn’t tolerate the practice of spammers. It will terminate the account which is related to spam activities. It can be merged with other desktop email services. Sending and receiving mails on this platform is quite stress-free as it operates on a user-friendly interface. One can also download the Yahoo mail mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

How to Manage Yahoo Account Key?

Account Key is one of the easy and secure ways by which you can log in to the Yahoo account via your mobile phone and doesn’t require a password to sign in. This is beneficial as it shuns away from the hassle of managing multiple passwords. Take a look at the given procedure

  • From the web browser visit Yahoo Account Security page
  • Click on the option ‘See how it works.’
  • Indicate the device and the application for notification and then click on ‘Send me a notification.’
  • You can see an ‘Approve’ icon on the device then you have selected. Tap on that
  • From the web browser, tap on ‘Always use Yahoo account key.’
  • Confirm the mobile number
  • Once done, click on ‘Manage.’
  • Select the option of Enable Account key.’
  • Now you can certainly log in to the Yahoo account with the help of your phone number.
How to Recover Lost Yahoo Emails?

Often it happens that accidentally people lose their important mails. But with Yahoo, you can effortlessly retrieve the mails. Whenever an individual deletes the emails from Inbox, it gets transferred to the Trash folder. But if you have also removed the mails from the Trash folder, you must reach out to Yahoo customer service number for the procedure.

  • Login to the Yahoo mail account by entering your login credentials.
  • Click on the Trash Folder located at the left side of the screen with all the other icons.
  • Open the folder and select all the mails that you want to recover.
  • After that click on ‘Move’ from the Yahoo mail toolbar. Choose the folder where you wish to transfer the mails’ Your emails will get automatically assigned.
  • To recover the emails that were deleted within 24 hours, you can use the Yahoo Mail Restore Feature.

How to Contact Yahoo Support?

Want to avail instant support for the queries that you have in your mind? Are you getting frustrated with waiting for minutes and minutes and still not getting a positive response? Trying to configure the errors manually, but it pops up again. You should leave all your worries and get in touch with the professional experts at Yahoo customer support number. The service is available 24*7 and can be accessed via a toll-free number, live chat options, and many more. You can expect complete customer satisfaction in this platform where the techies will make sure that you are not left haywire in this situation. You can avail clear and accurate responses and that too within zero waiting time.